Wedding Updates

Stay tuned as we count down to the big day….. Becs and I will try and update this page a couple of times a week and keep you informed.

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  • Richard says:

    T-Minus 2.5 hours

    Well the day has arrived and all is going according to plan…. My lovely wife to be will look beautiful I’m sure! Love you forever Bec’s

  • Richard says:

    Party time

    Richards Bday and 31 days to go!!

  • Richard says:

    Make Some Music

    After our meeting with Andrew at TeAwa we found out that the sound system we were hiring wasn’t quite what we expected. They have an iPod doc available for when Becs walks down the isle but it won’t be suitable for dancing later.

    Today we have found and booked a suitable system for us to use later in the evening.


  • Richard says:

    Lunch at TeAwa

    Today we have been out to TeAwa to met up with Andrew the Restaurant manager. It has been a bit hit and miss, but on our 3rd attempt we finally got to sit down and have a good chat with him.

    I have to say that we went into great detail and discussed many aspects of the day, he had an answer for all our questions which was fantastic!

    We have to get back to him in a few weeks time with all our final plans.

    After our discussion we have a walk around the venue, then Becs and I sat down to a spot of lunch. The wine is awesome as always and I think we are going to on to a winner with the menu as well.

    PS – Becs has done some amazing planning so far, I have under estimated so much!

  • Richard says:

    An Eventful Day

    Becs now has her new dress and I have decided on our suites.

    We done a bit of tiki touring today which was fun. We have been in Napier catching up with Jess our awesome Photographer. We discussed ideas and thoughts on pictures and she gave a few things to think about as well. It was great to catch up, sit in the sun and have a coffee!

    Oh and we sampled a few ideas for favors….

  • Becs says:

    Becs Has Her Wedding Dress

    My mum and my sister went and I picked up my dress. I tried it on and it fits!!! I took up my sisters dress up too and she tried it on and stood next to me. Its nice to finally see the two colours together and to see my little vision take shape.

    Now where do I store my lovely dress?!


  • Richard says:

    A Weekend of Planning In The Hawkes Bay Ahead

    Well we have just arrived in Napier and have a fun filled weekend planed, oh and we will be organising a bit of wedding stuff while we are here. 😉

    Tomorrow we will be going out to Hastings where Becs will be picking up her long awaited wedding dress and I will be going to sort out our suits. It might be a bit tricky for me as I don’t yet have the lads measurements (minor detail). I have a fair idea what I want so it will be easy to sort once we get the measurements to them.

    We were also suppose to go out to TeAwa tomorrow but have had to reschedule till Saturday.

    Big day tomorrow!

    Becs & Rich

  • Richard says:

    A Bit Of A Spanner In The Works

    Well I said that I would try and update this every few days but we have been a little pre-occupied. Thankfully we are back on track and I will now try to keep you updated with our planning 🙂

    Becs & Rich

  • Richard says:

    66 Days To Go – Honeymoon Booked!!

    Well we are inside the 10 week mark and I thought its about time that we started to update the website. We have managed to organise a whole bunch of stuff, yet the list seems to get longer!!!

    On the other hand i thought we’d start this out on a high note….

    Unbeknown to me, Becs regularly receives emails from The Flight Centre with details for specials on accommodation and flights. We had discussed the possibility of going to New York or Japan for our honeymoon at the end of the year, but that was as far as we got.

    So last Thursday I received an email with a couple of ideas or maybe even hints of places Becs wanted to go on our honeymoon. After a few emails back and forth we decided to get a price on flights and accommodation to Fiji or Bali (The week before I had sneakily priced up flights to New York and I have to say, these two options were at least 90% cheaper).

    Becs came back with the flights and accommodation prices and we decided to look further into the Fiji options. It then came down to 3, 4 or 5 nights, remembering that we have already had 2 weeks leave approved from work for the wedding. If we went with the 3 or 4 night options we only really get 2 or 3 full days in Fiji, so we looked into 5 nights giving us 4 full days in the sun and plenty of time to let our wedding sink in….

    This afternoon we went into The Flight Centre and booked and paid for 5 nights in the Westin Denarau!! YAY!!!

    On another note, we have to request 3 more days leave from work…. mine has already been approved…. so I’m going…. but still waiting on Becs to get approval from work.

    Come back regularly as we will try to update the site a couple of time a week!
    Much love,
    Rich & Becs

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